Top 5 Free Tarot Reading Sites

In the beginning when a person wanted to get a tarot card reading done they didn’t have many options. In order to get a tarot card reading a person would have to wait around for the local fair to arrive in their town. If a person was fortunate enough they were able to find a tarot card reader in their hometown. At this time it was highly unusually to have a local tarot card reader readily available. This was due to the fact that most tarot card readings were associated with Gypsies, who typically traveled around without staying in one spot too long.

Now, you can go to a number of different online psychic networks and other psychic websites to get tarot readings.  But which ones offer authentic psychics and which ones offer

Top 5 Psychic Networks Offering Free Tarot Readings

1. Oranum

free tarot reading onlineOranum is a new online site that is gaining in popularity. This site offers the opportunity for those who are seeking a reading to speak with a live psychic through Skype. Video conferencing is available with the use of a web cam which makes each individual reading more personal. In return this helps the individual feel more confident that they are receiving a legitimate reading that is tailored specifically for them. While on Oranum you will be able to view and listen to live psychics.

oranum free tarot readingsThis can help you decide on which live psychic you would like to receive a reading from. While viewing the psychics you are able to interact with them. Although they are not able to answer any of your personal questions until they are in a private chat with you. Once you have decided to speak with a psychic in a private chat you will be able to pay them for the questions you would like answered. There is also a free tarot reading that is randomly selected to one of the people that is in the chat room. Oranum’s site works very similar to Facebook. It has a wall that an individual can post their comments and receive feedback. This wall can provide a person with useful information that can help them determine which psychic they would like to have a reading from. Oranum also offers an interesting twist of free horoscope readings. In the event that a customer services representative is needed they are available through email and are also able to contact you within 24 hours over the phone. There are several qualified psychics available that are able to answer questions about your relationships, love, health, and career. A psychic reading is easy to purchase using a credit card, debt card, or a bank wire. The site also offers professional customer service and a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your experience.

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2. Psychic Source

free tarot reading onlineOne of the best psychic service providers is Psychic Source. This entity offers horoscope readings via telephone and online chat. The physic service is quite vast, featuring hundreds of talented psychic readers. The psychics at Psychic Source offer guidance, advice on a wide range of issues including relationships, health and career. You have the freedom of choosing from a long list of psychic readers. Psychic source has a very tempting call back feature. With this feature, you can choose the psychic reader that you want. In the event that he or she is unavailable, you will receive a call back when the person is available.

psychicsource free psychic readingsThere are also several informative articles featured on the website covering various topics such as supernatural powers. Another important feature on the company’s website is the video scope content which aims to guide clients in matters relating to love, financial matters and spirituality. One of the best perks of Psychic Source is that they offer free trials. Customer satisfaction is important to them which is why they have good base of loyal, satisfied customers.

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3. Hollywood Psychics

online tarotOne of the many online platforms for psychic reading is Hollywood Psychics. This psychic reading provider offers clients the option of communicating via phone, email or chat. Hollywood Psychics have a specialty in the categories of relationships, money, body, mind and work. They employ several different techniques to achieve accurate readings. Astrology, numerology, dream interpretation and crystal readings are just some of the techniques used by the psychics.

hollywoodpsychics free psychic reading

hollywoodpsychics free psychic reading

This psychic service offers their reading service to both English and Spanish speakers. This psychic reading service is deemed to provide accurate information and their pricing is quite reasonable. They are keen on customer service and customers are offered a refund in cases where they are dissatisfied. Customers may also be referred to another psychic to get a second reading if they so desire.One of the advantages of Hollywood psychic service is that if you want a particular psychic you can check his availability to see how soon he will be available. This psychic service boasts highly satisfied customers and also features a strong base of loyal clients.

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4. Kasambu

Formerly LivePerson Psychics, Kasambu are number four on the top websites for online psychic reading. They have been quite outstanding and their premium chat network award is testament to this. This service offerings at Kasamba are quite vast, as they offer 1300 tarot readings and nearly 1700 psychic readings. However, what makes this website so popular is the quality offered as well as the price. Kasamba communicates with clients through text chat, which is quite unique. The reason why they employ this medium for communication is because some people find it more comfortable to communicate this way rather than video conference.

Kamsamba free tarot readingThis method also validates the authenticity of the psychics at this site, as they are unable to read the body language of clients. Almost 20 types of psychic reading are offered by Kasamba, with up to 30 readers in each category. One of the most popular features of the website is the user’s ability to save predictions and readings. New clients to the website receive a 3-minute free psychic reading session. Predictions are made during this session. If clients are satisfied during this session, they can then opt for a particular psychic reader. This website places a high value on customer satisfaction. In light of that, customers who are dissatisfied with their readings are offered a $50 credit to their account. Customers can use this credit on any other website.

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5. California Psychics

California Psychics is one of the longest running psychic networks.  While their psychics might be good, their over enthusiastic enforcement of their trademark has made us pull any support for them.  They should probably spend more money on upgrading their technology and become the leader that way, instead of trying heavy handed legal ploys to squash and censor websites.  Because of fear of lawyers, we will not post an image of their site either – nor will we even bother to rate them.  You might try them and other people may have positive things to say about them, but we’ve been burned and thus will leave them unrated.

What type of Psychic Abilities Can You Expect the Psychics To Have?

What types of psychic abilities can you expect to find in online psychic readers?  There are many different psychic powers that are common in psychic readers.  Some are more common than others and some psychics possess multiple talents.

Some of the most common psychic abilities and psychic powers include clairvoyance, mediumship, remote viewing, psychometry, clairaudience, and clairsentience. When giving a psychic consultation or reading, many psychics employ a combination of several of these techniques. Personally, I feel that we are all psychic to some degree, but that psychics who are considered professionals are more in tune and aware of these energies within them. I do, however, feel that we can all become more conscious of our psychic energies and develop our own psychic intuition.

Here’s a list of psychic abilities you can check out before getting a psychic reading.

  • Clairvoyance – An individual with a gift for clairvoyance is able to ascertain events, impressions, or understandings about people or states of affairs that are not immediately clear to others. This gift is relatively common and is often found in conjunction with other psychic abilities.
  • Clairaudience – An individual with a gift for clairaudience is able to hear things that are not within the normal range of auditory senses. This often includes souls who have passed over or guides in spirit.
  • Clairsentience – An individual with a gift for clairsentience is able to receive an impression that comes in the form of feelings. A psychic with this ability is often called an empathy, because they exhibit empathy, or the ability to experience the emotions of others.
  • Telekinesis or Psychokinesis – This is the ability to move objects without physically touching those objects. This is an extremely rare ability and those who claim to possess this ability are often doubted in the legitimacy of their claims.  Needless to say, this one doesn’t lend itself to online psychic readings very well.
  • Psychometry – This is the method used by psychics to feel energy patterns from a certain object. That object is often metal. They believe that individuals have their own electromagnetic attributes and can leave energy impressions—almost like energy fingerprints—on objects that they owned or touched. A psychic with the ability of psychometry may have the ability to be aware of those energy impressions, which can help them to understand an individual by identifying objects they loved, owned, touched, held, etc. However, if many other individuals have touched the object, they may have left behind their own energy impressions, which can distort the psychic’s reading and make psychometry difficult.  Again, because the person usually needs to handle the object, this one doesn’t see much use in online readings.
  • Remote Viewing – An individual with a gift for remote viewing is able to see, hear, or feel attributes of certain locations that are remote from the viewer and even unknown to the viewer. They can even experience an ultra-reality, which means that they will have all the experiences as if they were actually at the target location. This technique has been employed by the military for tactical purposes. Remote viewing can involve many other psychic senses as well.

The majority of individuals considered to be psychics or to have psychic abilities possess and display the attributes and abilities of two or more of the aforementioned techniques. These techniques work together to produce what we consider to be, in general terms, psychic ability. While these and other types of psychic abilities are often generalized and lumped together into a single concept, they are actually very different from one another in nature, uses, and experiences.

What Should You Ask During an Online Tarot Reading

When it comes to a reading you can pretty much ask any question as long as it has to do with you. Although be careful when asking a question as some of the questions being asked are not clearly defined. If your questions are not clearly defined they may not be clearly answered. The tarot cards actually tell you a story about your life and how it may turn out. It is not there to make all the decision in your life and give you all the answers. It is used as a guide and the possibilities of how things may turn out for you. You should put into consideration the advice the cards have given you. You should also consider that nothing is carved out in stone and you future is not preset on a certain course. Since events are constantly changing certain thing may not turn out as the cards have suggested. You have the ability to change your course of future events if you do not like what the cards are telling you. In this event you can use what the cards have predicted as a type of warning and change your course for the better. In my experience these specific questions are often asked:

  • Questions about the evaluation of something. This question is often asked when a person wants to know the outcome of a certain event. The tarot cards are able to answer this type of question and may also be able to give specific obstacles that are in the way.
  • Questions that ask for specific descriptions of a situation. People will often want to know the background situation of the question that they have. This involves introspective questions.
  • Questions about personality and communication. People will often ask about how they can communicate with others more effectively. The cards can give a background and reason why they have problems with certain individuals or if the problem has something to do with them in particular.
  • Questions may also involve the one receiving the reading about how they can change certain aspects about themselves to improve their life. As well as their relationships or how to start a new relationship.

Those are all good questions to ask when receiving a tarot card reading. Although at times people may ask questions that are less suitable for a reading. These types of questions are usually very specific such as the ones listed below:

  • Yes and No questions such as will I have a relationship with the person I met last week?
  • Another question may be asked on a decision. A person may ask where they should take their next vacation during the holidays.
  • Questions about specific time frame may also be asked. A person may want to know exactly when they will be able to purchase a new home. Tarot cards are not about certain time frames it is about the descriptions of a persons life.

There is a book called “Tarot For Yourself” that is written by Mary K Greer. In this book it explains the method of a spread that involves yes and no questions. I have personally never involved myself in this type of reading. I feel it takes away from life’s possibilities. Although if I ever really wanted to try this type of reading her reading as described would be the one that I would use. Although even with her reading it can come out neutral. When it comes to certain questions that people may ask yes and no questions may not be suited for that type of spread.

When to ask for a tarot reading

This is a very easy question to answer: You should get reading when ever you feel like getting one. You should only get a reading if you truly want one. You should not be influenced by others or pressured to get a reading. You should also only get a reading by a tarot card reader that you feel comfortable with. Another question you may have: How long should I wait before I can have another tarot card reading? Here is the following tip when it comes to getting another reading:

First of all you should always listen to your inner voice. This is the most important advice that should always over rule any tip that is given.

When it comes to certain spreads that are used during a reading some of them may have an intermediate type of outcome. With this type of reading you may ask for a more in depth reading. Also you should put into consideration that your circumstances may have changed since your last reading and your outcome may have completely changed.

It’s never really a good idea when you have received a tarot card reading to ask for a new reading on the same subject right away. It’s better to allow yourself enough time to take in the first reading first. Never rush yourself into a new reading. Take some time maybe a month or two before you have another reading on the same question that you would like answered.
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