Adding a Listing

Note: You must have a free business account to add a listing.  Individual accounts cannot create listings.

Adding a listing is easy and free! Simply click on any application category or listing and you will see a link appear on the upper left of your screen that says "Add Listing."  If you do not see this link, you either have not registered yet or you have an Individual account.  If you have an indiviudal account, we recommend that you delete your profile under "Settings" and then re-sign up as a Business user.  Business accounts are free.

If you have multiple products and services, we encourage you to place them under individual listings instead of trying to tell potential customers everything at once. As a general rule, if you have an offering that falls under more than two or three industry segments, you may want to consider customizing a listing for each category.

Fields Explained:

Category:Categories correspond to industry segments. You may select as many categories as necessary to properly classify your application. We will verify your selections before your listing goes live. This is a fast moving industry and new categories appear all the time.If you feel we are missing a category, please feel free to use the contact form to reach us and make a recommendation.

Application: This is the brand name of your product or service. While it may be the same name as your company, this is not always the case. For each different brand offering you should consider having a separate listing.

Logo: Your logo will be displayed as a square at 150x150 pixels on your listing page, and as a 75x75 pixel icon in searches. The image you upload must be in JPG, GIF or PNG format and cannot exceed 1MB. Your image will be resized to 72 dpi.

Short Description: This should be a quick two or three sentences about your product. There is a 300 character limit. HTML code is not allowed.

Detailed Description: This should explain your offering in detail. HTML code and images are allowed. We will review this section before it goes live to insure that it fits the look and feel of our overall site.

Keyword Tags: You may enter up to 100 keyword tags by typing each one and pressing the enter key. Keyword tags will be used by prospective clients to find your listing. Competitor names may not be used. These tags will be visible to end users.

Homepage: The URL of the main page for your product or service. This is not necessarily the same as the homepage for your company.

Type: This lets users know if your application or service is free or paid.If you receive a revenue share or a commission for your service, you must choose paid. Products that are ad supported (the user sees ads but pays nothing for the service) may be listed as free.

Support Link: The URL to your support page or contact page where users can ask for help.

Lead Gen Email: This is the email address where you would like us to alert you of completed lead forms. Please make sure it is a valid address!

Screenshots 1-5: You may upload up to five screenshots. They should be uploaded at 800x600 pixels at 72dpi in a JPG, GIF, or PNG file format. Each Screenshot can also include a label that explains to the user what each screenshot depicts.

Lead Form Fields: When a prospective client views your listing they can click on a button to request additional information from you. The lead gen form is populated by a series of fields that you choose. Control + Click to choose multiple fields. You should limit the overall number of fields you request from a user to those that will help you best qualify and contact your leads.


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